Sealcoating your asphalt is imperative, whether you’re paving new asphalt or touching up an old job. Asphalt is constantly under assault and, mostly, it can take it - that’s why we started using it instead of concrete for parking lots, after all! Here are just a few reasons you should think about sealcoating your lot.

There's More Hitting that Pavement Than Rubber

That's right! While most people think of wear and tear from vehicles and weather, we don’t often think of the harmful effect of UV rays on pavement. Your skin is not the only material affected by the sun. Not only does asphalt expand and soften when hot, the process of cooling and contraction can cause fissures within the layers of asphalt that might not be apparent at first but could cause problems down the road (see what I did there?). Think of sealcoating as sunscreen for your asphalt.

It's Good for the Wallet

We've already discussed how not sealcoating your asphalt can cause problems, and problems--almost uniformly--cost money to fix. That's why investing in sealcoating right off the bat means more bang for your buck! Think of it as insurance for your parking lot! At Wright Construction, we're not only looking out for you and your asphalt now, we’re looking out for the future.

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