At Wright Construction, we know what to look for when inspecting concrete, but we know it’s equally important for our clients to have a sense of what these considerations are. Here are just a few of the questions you should expect your concrete inspector to ask:

1. What Was the Original Purpose of the Concrete, and What is it Now? Depending on whether concrete is enclosed in an air conditioned space, exposed to the elements, or was once used for industrial chicken farming, but now is used to exhibit fully-operative hot tubs, your concrete might need a protective-ceilient update. Water, after all, can make or break concrete.

2. Is there evidence of settling, cracks, discoloration, erosion, efflorescence, dusting, rebar corrosion, or spalling? When working with concrete, little problems can become big problems fast. That’s why it’s so important your inspector knows what to look for and looks closely. Identifying problems today can help prevent tomorrow’s problems before they occur. A problem with corrosion or discoloration could be as simple as identifying and stopping a leak, or located and unplugging a neglected drainage system.

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