Summer is quickly coming to a close. The weather is about to start cooling off. In Tennessee, it happens overnight. The next thing you know, you’re trying to heat the whole house, and your electric or gas bill shoots sky high again. Here are some ways that you can prepare your home and keep your electric bill down.

1. Seal windows and doors – If your doors aren’t sealed properly, your either going to have cold air seeping in, or heat leaking out. Both of those things will cause your heat to run longer than you should. Use some weather stripping to seal windows and doors to eliminate this from happening. If your windows are old, consider replacing them.

2. Check for holes in the attic – Another way to lose heat during cooler months is through the attic. Double check it to make sure that there are no holes in the ceilings or walls.

3. Check the insulation – The reason for insulation is to keep your house, well insulated. Making sure the insulation is intact will save you trouble in the long run. Look for any signs of tears or rips have them fixed immediately.

Don’t let the electric company leave you in the cold this season. Get your home weatherproofed before the frigid temperatures set in. Wright Construction of TN, Inc offers maintenance and repair services, as well as window and door replacement. Let us show you why so many of our customers return to us time and again.

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