1. Verify Insurance

Although most contractors are professional and put safety first, especially those at Wright Construction, it’s always important to verify that your contractor has insurance. Even the most experienced contractor can’t mitigate for every contingency; sometimes everything does not go as planned. That’s why it’s so important to have checks and balances in place.

2. Customer Service

Communication is everything and, regardless of how technically skilled your contractor is, it’s also important that they have the communication skills to form a reliable connection with you and answer any questions you might have clearly and patiently.

3. Obtain Licences and Certificates

There are a number of federal and state licences that your contractor should be able to produce at a moments’ notice. Avoid working with anyone who does not stay abreast of their licensure, and make sure to do some research prior to hiring your contractor to see what license and certifications are necessary in your state.

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