Winter is Coming. And Fall is the perfect time to replace those energy-sucking, drafty windows and doors. With cool days upon us and colder days approaching, you can count on significant savings on the cost of heating your home. Modern windows and doors incorporate the latest innovations in energy efficiency. An upgrade now can pay for itself over time while you and your family stay warm and cozy this winter.

Most people want to schedule window and door replacement in the Spring or Summer months when the weather is warm. There are a few reasons to consider scheduling now.

• Waiting until the cold weather strikes can make a needed repair an urgent situation. Don’t wait until cracked or drafty windows fail completely allowing blasts of frigid air during below zero temps.

• Scheduling can be difficult during high-volume times. Waiting until repairs are critical can be uncomfortable at best.

• Waiting until the spring or summer months means open casements for bugs and insects to enter your home.

• With cooler temperatures, older windows and doors allow more moisture into your home. The accumulation of moisture can eventually lead to mold and mildew affecting the health of you and your family.

• With the holidays approaching, scheduling replacements now will have your home ready for guests and a holiday season free from the worry of drafty windows and doors.

Wright Construction can replace your windows and doors quickly and at an affordable price and have your home ready for the coming Winter.

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